Bastiaan is a data engineer at Enexis

"I help the organisation to make data-driven decisions"

Why does data engineer Bastiaan like working at Enexis? “Well, helping tackle the challenges involved in the energy transition is a big part of it. But it’s also about the many opportunities for further development. Not to mention the great team! I worked at Enexis on a secondment basis for a year and the friendliness of my colleagues played a big part in deciding to join the team."

Learning a lot in a short time 

At the end of 2021, an agency approached Bastiaan about a job at Enexis. He jumped at the chance. "At that time, I had been working for about five years as a data analyst at a research and consultancy firm. The best part of that job was the technical aspect and working with data. So it’s hardly surprising that a new job as a data engineer and the opportunity to learn more about designing and development really appealed to me. In the dynamic energy sector and with a large grid operator, no less!"


I want to become very good at what I do and continue to develop throughout my career. I’m in the right place at Enexis!

Bastiaan, data engineer

Pipelines and dashboards

Bastiaan now works in the ADER team, which stands for "Asset Data Engineering & Reporting". "Our projects – features – are super diverse but always have to do with assets. This includes gas pipelines, cables and electricity houses. Suppose a performance manager wants more insight into which assets need to be replaced and when. I retrieve the right data and design and develop data pipelines and dashboards. The analyses and reports generated from this help the manager organise policy differently or more efficiently. This is how I help the organisation make data-driven decisions. I get a lot of job satisfaction from contributing to the energy transition in this way."

"Contributing to the energy transition. The many opportunities to develop myself further. Not to mention my friendly colleagues! These are my reasons for working at Enexis."

data engineer

Intensive collaboration

Bastiaan’s colleagues on the ADER team include a scrum master, product owner, BI specialist and another data engineer. "Our small team works closely together within a truly collegial atmosphere. We have daily stand-ups where we discuss what we’re doing and what we are up against. This allows us to help each other directly. Then I get working on the developing. There might be meetings with colleagues to work on issues such as pipeline management and reports so that they keep working properly. Or maybe we’ll get together with Managers or Business Product Owners to coordinate exactly what kind of reports they need."

Developing throughout a career

Learning to program better, work with new tools, make even better reports; Bastiaan is looking forward to his further development. "I want to be really good at what I do. To gain more knowledge about the fascinating world of grid management. And delve further into the different aspects of our Development & Operations. Take the tools used by Enexis technicians, for example. There is a technical side to this, with a huge amount of data. If something goes wrong there, we must be able to solve the problem. Operations is the point of contact. It’s often a challenge to delve into such a problem and find out where what went wrong. There’s still a lot to learn, so I will definitely be using my training budget. I think it's important to continue to develop throughout my career. And you're in the right place at Enexis!" 

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the world of IT within Enexis, why not read the stories of some of our other colleagues? Do you have any questions about the role of a data engineer? Bastiaan will be happy to chat with you about it during a digital coffee session. If you’re curious about the various possibilities within Enexis, click here. 

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