Edwin did his graduate internship at Enexis

"I was looking for an assignment that would help my development"

A challenging graduate project to show what you’ve got - isn't that every student’s goal? In his final year of computer science specialising in software development, Edwin took it a step further when he opted for the assignment from Enexis . "The future internship supervisor was very clear on the expectations. And it was a challenge in an area I wasn’t yet familiar with: the cloud." 

Developing in uncharted territory

A bold choice. "Of course, I could have gone for an assignment such as: build an app with three specific parts. I could have done the same at other companies. But I wanted to use my internship to develop in uncharted territory. That's why, together with another student at Enexis, I set to work on the assignment to build an Azure landscape in which apps were available that at that time only ran in an AWS environment." 

I just helped build a new cloud landscape that is now firmly a part of the IT heart of the organisation. So cool!

cloud graduate

Free in approach

Edwin was very pleased with the guidance during his graduate internship. "To start with, we were given training on how the value chains work according to the SAFe methodology. And a course on Amazon Web Services to get to know the cloud platform. We had a progress meeting every week with our internship supervisor, during which he would occasionally  point us in the right direction. But we were free to approach the assignment in our own way. If we needed help, there was always someone who would take a look. It was a great way of working." 

A landscape that stands

In the meantime, the Azure platform is running at full speed at Enexis. "We created a landscape with tools that other teams are now using. And on which others are continuing to develop. A landscape that is now firmly a part of the value chain IT for All, the IT heart of the organisation. That's so cool!", Edwin says proudly. "And the knowledge I've built up about cloud computing often comes in handy when working in other teams." 

You can of course choose a graduate project that is totally in line with your studies. I wanted to develop in uncharted territory.

Edwin, cloud engineer

Finding the place that's right for you

After his graduate internship, Edwin received an offer to work at Enexis. "What I’m doing now? That's the beauty of it. I’m getting the time to find the place that suits me best. I’m allowed to switch to a different team every quarter to find out what it does. Actually, the intention was only to switch within the IT for All value chain. But since I’m very sure about what doesn’t suit me, I asked if I could choose the teams myself. Of course, there has to be a place available there. I’m now working in a team that develops apps in Mendix for various chains. The biggest chains are: maintenance & malfunctions, and consumers. A deliberate choice, because in my heart I’m a software developer." 

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the world of ICT within Enexis? Then read the stories of other colleagues. Do you have any questions about graduating at Enexis in the area of cloud computing and data? Edwin will be happy to tell you more about it. Or are you curious about the possibilities within Enexis? Then leave your details here. Jasper, IT Recruiter, will contact you as soon as possible. 

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