Marinka is a Mendix developer at Enexis

"We use a huge number of Mendix apps to make business processes more efficient."

Some 2.8 million households and countless businesses are connected to Enexis' electricity and gas network. We use a huge number of applications to properly manage and maintain our gigantic network. "Around 100 of these are Mendix applications," Marinka says enthusiastically. "I’m part of a scrum team. We work on changes to existing apps and entirely new ones. We get exciting and varied assignments that help make Enexis' business processes more efficient."

Fast, business-driven construction

According to Marinka, Mendix's low-code platform is business-driven and ideal for quickly building solutions. She’s happy to talk about some of the projects she’s collaborated on. "There’s an app that collects data on network outages and then determines whether customers are entitled to compensation. Another app enables municipalities to request charging stations. I’m currently collaborating on automating a means of processing data from customer cases. And then there are the native apps that technicians work with. There are a variety of things in which we often integrate links to SAP and databases. My work is extra appealing because it shows how we as a company are committed to the energy transition."

Structured work in a nice atmosphere

It’s not just the projects that energise Marinka. She’s also happy with her colleagues and how they all work together. "Developers join a sprint team for a certain period of time to work on a value chain. You work in sprints of three weeks following the SAFe methodology. Build in the first week, test and modify in the second, and then release. I really like that clear structure. I can easily consult with different colleagues in the team - the product owner, the architect, and UX and UI specialists. A senior developer often does the peer reviews. There’s just a great atmosphere in general. All my colleagues are really helpful and genuinely interested in your approach."

Working on your development

Marinka enjoys the freedom to decide where to work. "I usually work from home three days a week. That's where I can really focus. I see the business team in Arnhem one day a week. On Thursdays, we often meet with the developers at the Den Bosch office. We have lunch together and regularly go out for drinks after work. It’s all very collegial. The innovation week that follows the completion of a sprint is also a lot of fun. We get time to work on our professional development and with other developers on experimenting with new features in Mendix. It’s really rewarding because I have yet to see everything this platform has to offer. There’s always something new to learn."

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the world of IT within Enexis, why not read the stories of some of our other colleagues? Do you have any questions about the role of a Mendix Developer? Marinka will be happy to chat with you about it during a digital coffee session. If you’re curious about the various possibilities within Enexis, click here.

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