Siyawash is a cloud engineer at Enexis

"We keep IT running smoothly"

Siyawash thinks that the key to building a great career is to be part of a friendly club that enables employees to develop fully as professionals. As a cloud engineer at Enexis, he’s found the perfect fit. "My colleagues and I work together to keep IT running smoothly. I have so many opportunities here for personal growth and to work on my skills. I’m in the right place at the right time for me.” 


The opportunity to show what you can do.

His background is proof of just how much Siyawash values personal development. “I have a Bachelor’s in Information Science and a Master’s in Information Studies. After completing my studies, I started working as a cloud engineer via an employment agency. They mainly needed experienced people for the projects but there weren’t very many senior-level colleagues who had the time to mentor me. This made things difficult because I was keen to acquire a lot of practical experience. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate waiting and don’t like putting off until tomorrow what I can do today to achieve my goals. So, it was time for a new challenge and I found it at Enexis. I now have the opportunity to show what I can offer as a cloud engineer.”  

I wanted to acquire practical experience after my studies. At Enexis, I have the opportunity to show what I have to offer as a cloud engineer.

Cloud Engineer

Varied challenges

Together with three colleagues, Siyawash ensures that all the geo applications keep running stably in the cloud. "We work with an Azure and an AWS platform," he clarifies. "The vast majority of applications run on AWS. Requests and incidents are entered via tickets and we do them in sprints. If small jobs are urgent, we do them in between. And no two sprints are the same. That makes my work interesting and nicely varied. Examples of what we do? Infrastructure setup, management and automation via infrastructure as code (Terraform, Ansible), monitoring setup and management (Datadog, Splunk) and Security Patching of our GEO stacks." 

"It’s so rewarding to know that I’m helping to keep a big organisation’s IT infrastructure running smoothly."

Awareness of what you’re doing it for

What gives Siyawash the most satisfaction? "One of the best parts of my job is automating processes by translating them into code. This allows you to repeat a chain of actions over and over. I also think it’s really cool to continuously refine and simplify that code. It is so rewarding to know that I’m helping to keep a big organisation's IT infrastructure running smoothly. Doing my bit for the energy transition is an added bonus. Although it wasn’t my main reason for joining Enexis, management does a great job of keeping us well-informed about the added value IT brings to energy issues. You get a really good idea of that during PI days, for example. It makes you a lot more aware of what you’re doing it for." 

Automating processes by translating them into code is what I like best about my job.

Cloud Engineer

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the world of IT within Enexis, why not read the stories of some of our other colleagues? Do you have any questions about the role of a Cloud Engineer? Siyawash will be happy to chat with you about it during a digital coffee session. If you’re curious about the various possibilities within Enexis, click here.

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