Winand on his role as a tech lead for the geo information chain at Enexis

"I sometimes marvel at the progress I’ve made in such a short time"

How interesting is it for a geo information analyst to work for a grid operator? Winand had his doubts about it. "Keeping track of where cables and pipes are, that was my image of the job. But I soon realised that the issues are bigger and more challenging than I thought. Moreover, at Enexis you get many opportunities to develop yourself and grow." 

Laying the foundation for solutions

Spatial thinking and software are two of Winand's major interests. Not surprisingly, he was immediately sold when he was introduced to geographic information systems during his studies. "Analysing complex issues, putting the pieces of the puzzle together and thus laying the foundation for organising solutions: this is what makes the geo information analysis profession so interesting to me. I’m keen to do work on acute social issues that we need to deal with urgently. I found that at Enexis. I’m working here on solutions to make the energy transition work successfully."  

"The best thing about my role? I am helping to lay the foundation for solutions to make the energy transition work successfully."

tech lead for the geo information chain

Learning on the job

Together with the team, he worked on the net Topology project for a year and a half. “How is the complex Enexis network arranged topologically? Where are there options to expand the grid? What options are there to spread out peak loads? The foundation we lay enables the gaining of these insights.  

In doing so, we have provided a good basis for policy and investment decisions. I threw myself into the deep end with this assignment. Because I knew little at that time about gas and electricity networks and the components in them. At Enexis, you can take all kinds of courses and training to brush up your knowledge. But also along the way, you learn an awful lot from colleagues within the organisation." 

I’m quite ambitious. If you show initiative and come up with good ideas, at Enexis you will get enough space to work on them.

Winand, tech lead for the geo information chain 

Showing initiative and seizing opportunities

Ambitious as he is, Winand saw opportunities to work on his interest in software. "If you show initiative and come up with good ideas, a lot is possible at Enexis. Questions and requests come regularly from the business, such as: we want to have better insight into which gas pipes need replacing. So that they can better manage costs while ensuring safety. I discovered that there’s a big demand for people who can take a multidisciplinary approach to these kinds of issues, who are involved in collecting raw data and carrying out spatial analysis with e.g. the underground assets in our energy grid and external data such as soil conditions. Being able to translate this information into intuitive maps with colours indicating the need for maintenance. But most importantly, having the technical expertise to build applications to share these insights with the rest of the organisation."  

It will not surprise you that Winand's software knowledge didn’t go unnoticed. He is now a tech lead for the geo information chain in addition to being a geo information analyst. "Sometimes I marvel at the progress I’ve made here in a year and a half." 

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the world of IT within Enexis? If so, read the stories of other colleagues. Do you have any questions about the role of GEO information analyst? Winand will be happy to tell you more about it during a digital coffee session. Or are you curious about the possibilities within Enexis? Then leave your details here. Jasper, IT Recruiter, will contact you as soon as possible.  

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